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This upcoming seminar will focus on a recent book by acclaimed Dutch-American sociologist Saskia Sassen entitled Expulsions. Sassen joins a growing effort to critically reconceptualize our current tumultuous political and economic landscape. Amidst financial turmoil and an escalating refugee crisis felt worldwide, Sassen unmasks the "savage sorting" of capitalism as an unethical force which extracts natural resources and displaces stewards of the earth.

"This hard-headed critique updates our understanding of economics for the twenty-first century, exposing a system with devastating consequences even for those who think they are not vulnerable. From finance to mining, the complex types of knowledge and technology we have come to admire are used too often in ways that produce elementary brutalities. These have evolved in predatory formations - assemblages of knowledge, interest, and outcomes that go beyond a firm's or an individual's or a government's project.

... Expulsions lays bare the extent to which the sheer complexity of the global economy makes it hard to trace lines of responsibility for the displacements, evictions, and eradications it produces - and equally hard for those who benefit from the system to feel responsible for its depredations."

- Saskia Sassen

Essye and Thompson

Date: Tuesdays, MAR 7th
Time: 7:30 pm
Location:  Underdonk gallery - 1329 Willoughby Ave #211 Brooklyn, NY 11237 -  Take the L train to Jefferson St

1) Saskia Sassen - EXPULSIONS - Intro, chap 4 (& conculsion optional)

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