Next Seminar, we will be discussing the work of Alfred North Whitehead in relation to Plato as lead by our good friend Nathan Oglesby. Once again we're delighted to announce that our next meeting will be hosted by 321 Gallery in Fort Greene Wednesday, February 24th. 

"In the 1920's and 30's, in a scientific and philosophical climate characterized by the strangeness and ineffability of the emerging quantum physics, A.N. Whitehead presented a metaphysical system concerned with explicating “the becoming, the being and the relatedness of ‘actual entities’. An example of an actual entity might be an electron or another subatomic particle.  An “actual entity” can be synonymously referred to as an “actual occasion” because it exists only insofar as it emerges from its state of relation with other actual occasions. Macrocosmic entities like trees, people, cars and dolphins are “societies” of such occasions, exhibiting proportionally ever more complex matrices of interrelation in their integration of constituent occasions. 

The system draws heavily, if surprisingly, from Platonic thought insofar as it requires that the actual occasions themselves be understood as acquiring their definiteness by virtue of their selecting and exhibiting “forms of definiteness” which Whitehead terms “eternal objects,” analogous to the transcendent "Platonic forms." Perhaps even more surprisingly, via Whitehead this and other Platonic notions (mostly from the cosmological account given in the Timaeus) have in recent history made their way into conversations about the philosophical consequences of quantum physics."

- N. Oglesby


Essye and Thompson


Next SEMINAR Meeting

Date: Wednesday, February 24th

Time: 7 pm 

Location:  321 Gallery: 321 Washington ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205; Clinton-Washington Ave-- G Train please note:: 321 is on the garden level (basement)



1) Alfred North Whitehead, "Science and the Modern World"  Science and Philosophy & God

2) Alfred North Whitehead, "Modes of Thought" Forms of Process


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